Friday, May 04, 2007

What Time Is It?

Because I would like for my readers to know what an idiot I really am, I offer up this.

Two nights ago, I was out shopping for some gifts I had to buy for a few departing board members/officers of a group I am involved with (I mean, a group with which I am involved...or something like that...Brian?). Anyway, while I waited for them to do the engraving, I perused the store and happened upon the watch department. Now, I was not really needing a new watch. My $35 Winnie The Pooh Timex watch still works just fine. But I thought it might be nice to buy a "dressier" watch, for those occasions when I'd like to "dress up." Not that I haven't worn Winnie The Pooh on many a "dressy" occasion, but I needed an excuse to buy something, I guess is what I'm saying.

But here's the idiot part. Today, someone asked me what time it was and I looked at my watch for the first time (and no, I'm not dressed up, but yes, I've been wearing the watch ever since I bought it). "Um, 4:30? No, probably not." (it was 10:30 by the clock on my computer) Which means that I have been wearing my watch for nearly 48 hours and had yet to actually "use" it. Had not even set the watch yet.

See what I'm saying?



At 2:21 PM, May 04, 2007, Blogger DarkoV said...

That's what happens when you accessorize with time. You lose it.

At 2:54 PM, May 04, 2007, Anonymous Jim said...

I was going to try to think up something clever to say, but then I saw DarkoV's comment and now I'm just going to sit down and shut up.

I guess I already am sitting. So just the shut up part then.

At 10:54 PM, May 04, 2007, Blogger Janie said...

I always love Darkov's comments. Witty, witty.

At 8:12 AM, May 05, 2007, Blogger Rachel said...

I have nothing to add either lol

At 10:32 AM, May 07, 2007, Blogger Gwynne said...

I think Darko successfully shut me up as well, Jim. ;-)

At 7:24 PM, May 07, 2007, Blogger Foo said...


Oh look! A baby squirrel!


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