Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Feet

When the noon day dinner was over and the digestive juices settled and the dishes done, we set out for the movies. Anticipating a crowd, I urged everyone to "hurry up so we would be sure to get tickets to the last matinee of the day." Good thing because when we arrived at the theatre, the parking lot was practically empty. Ultimately, there were 32 people in the theater with us. Over half of them were young children. We don't usually count the people coming in, but my husband was trying to make a point. ;-)

This time, we chose "mild peril" over "moronic stupidity." While Borat made its mark as the worst movie I've ever seen, Happy Feet is one that will likely be near the top of my list for a long time. It's a children's movie, but not without adult overtones that are hilarious (I hope Latinos don't take offense at the casting of "the fallen" friends of Mumble, the non-singing, dancing penguin...they were a great addition). The music was very fun. Robin Williams does an outstanding job as the voice of several key you might imagine, he really brings them to life. The animation production was superb! In fact, it's hard to tell that this is an animated movie. I think it helps to have seen March of the Penguins beforehand, in order to appreciate references to the real (amazing) lives of the Emperor penguins. I also think the peril goes a bit beyond "mild." There is one very scary seal in this movie! But that's all I'll say for now.

I've heard that the ending is sad and a bit confusing for kids. While I didn't consider it sad, I'd agree that it's confusing. I think the ending could have been better, but I enjoyed it all the way through to the end (and beyond...the credits were cute too).

This is a movie worth seeing, even if you don't have kids. My husband and I both loved it and our 17-year-old (the one with whom we rarely agree on what constitutes a "good" movie) did too. She wants to buy it when it is released on DVD. It's also one that I would enjoy watching again. There were several parts where I wished I could have rewound and played it again during the movie.

A good message of hope along with some mild environmentalist "propaganda." Cute, cute, cute! :-) Two thumbs up.


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