Friday, June 06, 2008

Dreaming of Circus Elephants... the basement...with the dogs.

Last night's tornado threats were very real, but only in Kansas would you expect to find Circus Elephants traipsing through the backyard. When this happens, we all take note, pack up the valuables in a laundry basket and carry them down to the basement, to wait out the storm.

We also carry the elderly dog down since he cannot walk down the stairs on his own (note to time, do not lift the heavy dog under its windpipe when doing causes much unnecessary hacking/gagging/spitting up and concern for the rest of the family members who think you've just killed the family's favorite pet). Cocoa, the worrier, runs up and down the stairs while we do this which sometimes results in spilling of the valuables and/or elderly dog down the stairs. So we exercised an excessive amount of expletives in getting people, animals and things to the basement. Then we hunkered down in front of the teevee, to watch the radar and weatherpeople tell us what to expect, when and where. Then, almost as soon as we sit down, the satellite signal went out (thank you, DISH) and so we were left in the basement with only ourselves, and a weather radio, listening to the rain and hail and howling wind outside.

When the weather calmed down a bit, but the threat of tornadoes still present, the others decided to head back upstairs to the comfort of their real beds while I decided to sleep downstairs on the couch...with the dogs (since, to take the elderly one back upstairs would require carrying him, or walking him around the house outside in the rain)...where I dreamt of circus elephants in our house.

Related, I stayed home from work yesterday, to tend to the younger daughter who was experiencing a lot of emotional rollercoaster (yes, I've made an appointment with a psychiatrist). One of the funnier moments of the day (maybe the only funny moment) was when she told me that she thought her "real purpose in life was to be a circus speaker." I laughed and said, "do you mean a circus performer?" I agreed that maybe she'd make a great circus act, but she corrected me, "NO! I said CIRCUIT speaker, you know, one of those people who goes around speaking about how they screwed up their life and now they're making a living by talking about it?" Oh, okay. I preferred "circus act" myself. ;-\

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At 10:43 AM, June 06, 2008, Blogger Lynellen said...

Hang in there!

At 10:49 AM, June 06, 2008, Blogger Gwynne said...

Thanks, Lynellen!! :-)

At 7:53 PM, June 06, 2008, Blogger Sisiggy said...

Oh, man, now you guys know how to do a tornado watch! Our tornadoes aren't strong enough to land an elephant in Kansas!

Younger daughter is correct in so many ways. We don't recognize anyone unless they've come up with some sort of dysfunction or drama. That great line from Evita: "Eva Peron had every disadvantage you need if you're gonna succeed."

At 2:45 PM, June 07, 2008, Blogger Gwynne said...

Sisiggy, it's true...nobody does tornado watches as good as Kansas. It's hard to ignore the siren call of circus elephants in the back yard. ;-)

At 10:02 PM, June 09, 2008, Blogger Janie said...

We've been lacking in tornado watches around here...thank God!

At 1:53 PM, June 10, 2008, Blogger DarkoV said...

...still reveling in your last post where you used your youngest style of cooking (High & Hot) to her manner of sheleighling through life. Can't help but think that she has the pedal-to-the-metal Slavic thing happening.

Maybe a nice long hot summer for her in Dalmatia where she may absorb the fine and relaxing art of the fjaka. Your husband will attest that fjaka is great for the nerves.

At 8:50 PM, June 10, 2008, Blogger Gwynne said...

Darko, I thought surely fjaka must be something made from plums (which might also be great for the nerves). Yes, a nice long slow simmer is sometimes good for the soul as well as the stew. She and I have talked about this. ;-)


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