Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Bloggy Introspection

This post over at Jim's place and the ensuing links lead me to give a few minutes of thought to the following questions (I'd be more interested in your answers, honestly):

Why am I blogging? I blog for fun, to relieve stress.

Who am I blogging for? Me!

What am I blogging for? Therapy...I think this falls in the "deep inner need to express myself" category.

What is my blog’s purpose? I don't understand the question.

What is my blog’s mission? I can't even imagine answering this question with a straight face. I read blogs that clearly do have a mission. Mine is not one of those and I would only embarrass myself to claim otherwise.

Where was my blog a year ago? Basically the same place as it is today, only I think I wrote more frequently and had more regular visitors (the notion of "readers" is laughable to me...the fact that anyone even returns to visit is a mystery).

Where is my blog now? I'm thankful for the good friends who still stop by on a regular basis and the new friends who've come along.

Where will my blog be next year? Not sure. I'm not committed to maintaining it, but I don't feel pressured to maintain it either. It's likely my blog will still exist in one form or another as long as it does not become a chore, which I can't even imagine.

Where will my blog be in two years? Now, this is starting to sound a little too much like work! Who knows?!

Where do I really want it to be? I'd like to think that it will be more exciting and thought provoking, less about dog crap in the dining room, and more about things that really matter, like pumping bilges.

Do these answers make me happy right now? Well, they don't make me unhappy. ;-)

So...is it time to stop blogging?



At 6:41 AM, April 30, 2008, Blogger beth said...

Your answers are very similar to what mine would be. Though now I blog primarily out of enjoyment and when I started it was simply something to try and pass some of the time/vent about the boredom and inanity of work. Hey, that's almost a mission. :)

At 9:10 AM, April 30, 2008, Blogger Sisiggy said...

I think we blog in order to fish for like-minded souls to interact with. Some people may find my point of view strange and they move on. But the ones that find a sort of kindred spirit stick around. I guess I'd stop if no one at all was "getting" what I was saying because I'd have to think, "Hmmm...maybe therapy my be a good option..."

At 11:58 AM, April 30, 2008, Blogger Gwynne said...

Sisiggy, I think that about hits the nail on the head. Kindred spirits are hard to find. And it's cheaper than therapy. ;-)

At 3:40 PM, May 23, 2008, Blogger Ingrid said...

I loved your answers. I was introduced to blogging by some friends when I read their stories and realised I could finally get my stories out of my head. I´m on-line as I am studying so it is my procrastination (although I feel guilty it takes me away from my girls). I love reading people´s stories. I don´t expect people to read mine. It is just a medium for thought (but I love writing comments to other people. I guess that is the connecting bit...)


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