Thursday, April 17, 2008

An Update of Sorts, All Sorts

I am finally coming down from the "high" of April 15th and got a full night's sleep last night. Yesterday was a day of clean-up. I'm hoping today will be a day of recovery. And bill paying. And new glasses. And other errands, like car tag renewal (yipee, I'll be sure to post about that), that fell to the bottom of the list of priorities for the last few weeks.

The good news is:

The Bug is not dead yet...$7,000 of damage (yipes! I hit the only mailbox in the neighborhood mounted on a freakin' telephone pole, it seems), but at least it's not totaled. I'm relieved about that because I love the car and really didn't want to lose it. It was sad watching them haul it up onto the tow truck bed. My husband, bless his heart, came out to help me clean up the body (and engine) parts strewn all over the neighbor's lawn.

The Goldfish did not die. I've gone to the pet store to get supplies to change out the tank, thinking that a good cleaning is probably in order. Of course, if he survived whatever it was the other night, I'm sure to kill him by cleaning his tank. I'll be sure to preserve some of the dirty water, to mix in with the new, just in case.

The dogs did not die. Cocoa's explosive diarrhea is under control and so is Smokey's. The carpet is still pungent though. I'm calling the carpet cleaner today. But Smokey is back at the vet for an ultrasound of his liver. One of the issues noted the other day when he was in was that his liver is enlarged on one side. We're pretty sure it's not going to be good news, but we're preparing ourselves for that possibility.

And I think, for all the doubts I've had about giving up what some might think is a "good" career, God made his intentions pretty clear with the events of this tax season. I no longer have any doubts that I'm doing the right thing by leaving. I finally hit my breaking point. I still don't know what I will do when I grow up, but I feel good about my decision to leave. That's comforting.

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At 7:24 PM, April 17, 2008, Blogger Janie said...

You go, girl. God knows the timing, that's right.

At 10:59 PM, April 17, 2008, Blogger LZ Blogger said...

Gwynne ~ Seven LARGE! Wow... that must be some Grasshopper? ~ jb///

At 6:49 AM, April 18, 2008, Blogger Sisiggy said...

Yeah, better listen now. I'd hate to think what more calamities have to befall you before you accept what you already know...

At 11:12 AM, April 18, 2008, Blogger Gwynne said...

LZ, I'm shocked that $7G didn't total the Grasshopper. But it is worth more than that to me.

Sisiggy, I sometimes have to be beaten over the head with a bat before I will listen. Lucky for me, my skull is thick enough that it didn't crack in the process. 8-}

At 12:17 PM, April 18, 2008, Blogger Bob-kat said...

Eek! Glad to hear that you are okay after your accident. How scary. I've been working long hours too of late but I have learnt to finish before it gets too late. After all nobody thanks me for half killing myself.

I'm also glad you are happy with your decision to leave your job. It sound slike you are really comfortable with the decision so that is cool. Good luck with whatever comes next!

At 12:29 PM, April 18, 2008, Blogger Gwynne said...

Bob-kat, you hit the nail on the head. Nobody thanks you for half killing yourself. True enuf. Thanks for stopping in. :-)

At 5:14 PM, April 25, 2008, Blogger Dark Garden said...

Do you run, like, some sort of animal nursing home?

At 7:38 PM, April 28, 2008, Blogger Gwynne said...

DG, yes, as a matter of fact, I do. I'm just starting to admit that.


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