Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl 2007 (Project 52 - #5)

First off, a disclaimer...I did not use the company server to upload this photo (now I sound like Bill Clinton). I uploaded it last night on my personal computer using Panera's super-duper free there. I am, however, currently posting this blurb from my company's server. Would someone out there with some IT sense please tell me if what I am currently doing is usurping company bandwidth? I really do think it was all those M&M caricatures that blew up the "system," but I want to be respectful. I also want to post something and I am currently stuck at the office for awhile longer (I've already got 10 hours on my timesheet and a couple more to go). Please, Mr. Mordac? May I? Please?

For those who watched the Superbowl on Sunday, you know that this here was a fine way to watch it, with a Play-Doh bucket over your head.

Also, I figured if I was gonna show a picture of my most cutest nephew on national television without his parents' permission, I best use one that maintains his anonymity. The cutest part was that he was really getting into the game and discovered that the bucket made a great helmet (except for the fact he couldn't see where he was going, or who was throwing stuff at him, or where he was throwing stuff in return). He made Granddad wear the flat bucket lid so that they were both suited up for the game. This added a much needed element of humor to the game, as did the commercials. Eric has a great live-blog recap of the Superbowl commercials over at his place.



At 8:48 PM, February 06, 2007, Blogger Janie said...

How cute is that munchkin with the helmet? I bet Grandad looked good too. How fun!

At 4:21 AM, February 07, 2007, Blogger Rach said...

That reminds me of the photo I have with a washing basket over my head LOL. Very cute photo!

At 6:39 AM, February 07, 2007, Blogger beth said...

Technically anytime you do anything on the Internet (Google, whatever) you're using bandwidth. However, that said, posting text should be fairly innocuous (along the lines of sending an email). I'm guessing that the big bandwidth hog was indeed the creation of said M&Ms, because that cute little program was download intensive. I'm guessing you'll be fine.

On other subjects, I think I have, courtesy of your very cute nephew, figured out a way I might just be able to tolerate watching football!

At 12:11 PM, February 07, 2007, Blogger Gwynne said...

Thanks, Beth. That's what I'm hoping.

The only problem I experienced trying to watch football this way was that the bucket didn't fit over my fat head. I need a bigger bucket! ;-)


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