Tuesday, August 29, 2006

God At Work

Yesterday, I wondered how I would be used to minister to my partner who lost his daughter in the Comair plane crash. And yesterday, I was given at least one answer. When another partner who is much closer to him returned from their home, he mentioned to me that they would like to set up a private foundation in her name, to support some kind of equestrian education or competitive activities for children. Charitable tax planning is one of my specialities and so I was asked to coordinate this effort. I talked to an attorney who agreed to set up the corporation pro-bono and then I began the paperwork to get a tax ID# and apply for tax-exempt status and open up a bank account. Today, they have a private foundation set up and it is ready to receive tax-deductible memorial donations, and I feel good about being able to help in this small way.

Tonight is a community celebration at her high school (I had her age wrong...her brother is the one starting college; she was only 16 and just beginning her Jr year of high school). This will be very difficult, I'm sure, but I hope it offers light for her friends and family. The funeral arrangements have not yet been made as they continue to process and identify all of the remains. Difficult as all of this is, it is always encouraging to see our Maker at work, providing courage and strength and compassion to those who face tragedy.



At 8:38 PM, August 29, 2006, Blogger Eric said...

God's gifts are myriad, as are the ways He can use those who are willing to be instruments of His grace. This is a wonderful testimony; thanks for sharing it!

At 7:05 AM, August 30, 2006, Anonymous Brian said...

Sounds like an excellent part of a terrible story. How cool for the family that their wish was so quickly granted. One less thing for them to worry about.

At 7:02 PM, August 30, 2006, Blogger Ellen said...

I've been out of town so I haven't read your blog lately.

I know - not only that you will say and do the right thing, but that somehow God will be glorified through this.

At 8:14 PM, August 31, 2006, Blogger Badoozie said...

that is a really cool thing that you are going to do. i'm so proud of you!

At 12:06 PM, September 01, 2006, Blogger Gwynne said...

My apologies for taking so long responding. I'm at a loss for words really. I will post later on all that has happened this week that has at times been both difficult and rewarding, encouraging and enlightening.

Eric, your words always ring so true. Thanks for your support.

Brian, that's what I pray...that each of us can take one small burden off of their shoulders.

Ellen and Susie, thank you both for your encouragement. :-)

At 1:12 AM, September 06, 2006, Blogger Rach said...

I know my support (in writing) comes belated but I have been thinking about you ever since Eric told me what's been going on. I'm glad that you were able to help the family in such a practical way.


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