Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nervous Breakdown Material

If there is a perfect time NOT to get a new puppy, one that requires potty training and all that, I think it might be at the same time as when your baby is just learning to crawl (and when that also coincides with your wife's busiest month of the year at work, let the buyer beware)! I begged, pleaded with my husband to please wait a month, until I am gainfully unemployed, and then maybe even wait until Julian is walking. I figure that at least gives Julian a fighting chance with the puppy, tiny sharp teeth, messes on the carpet, and all. Which brings up another sore subject with me. I thought we were preparing for a life at sea, not exactly the best housing arrangment for a dog. All that to say, he is kind of cute. And very sweet. And we have missed our two Aussies since they've been gone. And I can tell it was love at first sight for my husband and him. His name is Blue.



At 5:11 AM, March 16, 2009, Blogger Library girl said...

Is definitely a cute dog...They melt the heart so easily!

At 7:09 AM, March 16, 2009, Blogger Sisiggy said...

Never, ever apologize for getting an Aussie! Never think twice. I'm surprised you all held out this long.

What a cute baby!

(I'm trying not to effuse more than I did for Julian, know...)

And you have a 50/50 chance of having a water-loving Aussie. (Topper is terrified of waves -- they make him throwup, Zsa Zsa is indifferent.) Just don't make them fetch anything.

At 7:22 AM, March 16, 2009, Blogger beth said...

What a super cutie.

I know what you mean about bad timing...but we're thinking about a puppy over here as well. We may hold off a bit longer, but the temptation is strong.

At 9:25 AM, March 16, 2009, Blogger Gwynne said...

Library girl, "melt" is right. I tried really hard to keep my foot down (given that "putting" my foot down had absolutely no impact on the decision to get a puppy at this time), but I caved immediately, as soon as he jumped out of the truck after a 2 hour ride, twirled around my husband's ankles in adoration and then came running to me. :-)

Sisiggy, it is hard to resist the beauty and temperament of the Aussie. We found a breeder (Timberline) not too far from here (El Dorado Springs, MO)...maybe you know them? So many choices and all of them adorable! And you're right about the water...some of ours have loved it (Smokey, for example) and others would sink like a cinder block (Cocoa, for example). This one did great in the car for 2 hours, so at least he seems comfortable with motion (Cocoa suffered from car sickness also, while Smokey could go for miles and miles). And it's okay to helps me cope with the extra work that's just been dished out. ;-)

Beth, I'm sure Joshua would love one! :-)

At 7:34 AM, March 17, 2009, Blogger Sisiggy said...

I don't know them personally, but I saw some of their dogs at Nationals a few years back. Nice line from what I could tell.

BTW, I don't know your proximity to St. Louis, but the United States Australian Shepherd Association is having their Nationals again this year at Purina Farms in nearby Gray Summit May 1 through 8. It's fun to just go and watch. They do agility trials and herding trials, obedience and rally as well as conformation. Wish we were going this year, know.

Anyway, just letting you know something you can do...ya know --in your spare time...(it is after April 15...)

At 9:20 AM, March 17, 2009, Blogger Gwynne said...

Ooooh. I'm putting that on my calendar right now! We would love that. The closest we've ever come to this was watching an agility exhibition at Grant's Farm (put on by the folks at Purina), also in St. Louis. It's an easy 4 hr drive. I wish you could go.

At 6:10 PM, March 17, 2009, Blogger Janie at Sounding Forth said...


WHO can turn down an Aussie pup? Blue is beautiful!!

Can he come play with Zack and Zanna?

(And male dog prosthetics are sewn in - not strap-on, you silly girl. But you did succeed in making me laugh!! And, no, Zack the WonderDog didn't get any prosthetics.)


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