Friday, April 20, 2007

Kickball Report

I meant to update on the outcome of the kickball game on Tuesday (tax d-day). As luck would have it, I was busy with clients coming in and out and so, I was unable to participate in the game. And since it was a busy day, the game was moved off site so as not to cause damage to client cars, or clients for that matter. Hence, I have no photos to share. But I do have the report.

At 3:00 pm, the 20-something Interns faced off in a violent game of kickball against the highly competitive 30-something Full Timers. At 5:00 pm, we all met up at a local restaurant for drinks and appetizers. The head of our Audit Department and a Sr Tax Manager showed up on crutches! The former, a victim of a nasty slide into home plate (scoring the winning run for the Full Timers nonetheless). His injuries were essentially a nasty case of "road" rash to the right arm and leg. The latter, a victim of hip bursitis that had been laying low all tax season but could not stand the rigors of kickball. I'm afraid the rest of us had a good laugh at their expense. I do wish I had my camera to document the event. It also would have come in handy for video taping the Managing Director rapping a special "song" he had written for the occasion (imagine Michael Scott of The Office and you'll have a mental image of this painful experience ;-).



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