Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Cheese

On Christmas day, I rode with my family over to my step-sister's house to celebrate with her husband's family (and their 2-1/2 year old little boy who was the center of everyone's attention and a joy to spend the day with). As we neared their house, we noted an inflatable lawn ornament that was no longer inflated but rather looked like Frosty had melted right there on the lawn. A sad sight, really. And so began a brief discussion about how this seemed to be the year for cheesy blow-up lawn ornaments. I suggested that possibly the cheesiest of all of them was the blow-up nativity scene. They all moaned at the thought and then Dad said, just as we pulled into my step-sister's drive way, "speaking of inflatable lawn ornaments..."

My step-sister is a girl of exquisite taste, and not a NASCAR fan as far as I knew (this was confirmed when I mentioned the "Jimmie Johnson" car on the front lawn and she had no idea who I was talking about). Now, I think this one deserves the title of cheesiest. I had not seen one of these yet (maybe because it's not even symbolic of Christmas...those elves appear to be attempting a car jacking). But here you have it, the front lawn of the place I spent my Christmas morning. My husband will be so proud. :-)


At 2:59 PM, December 26, 2006, Blogger Stephen said...

Oh...my...goodness! I hate the inflatable ornaments, but if it weren't a Jimmie Johnson variety, I might make an exception in that case (in the back yard).

At 4:12 PM, December 26, 2006, Blogger Gwynne said...

I think Lowe's is the biggest purveyor of these fine luxury blow-up items, so until Budweiser or Dodge starts manufacturing inflatable cars, you won't find any #8's or #9's. Sorry! ;-)

At 7:13 PM, December 26, 2006, Blogger Janie said...

The cutest one I have seen is a huge Grinch, and in his hand are half of the house's Christmas lights, like he's torn them off the house.

At 8:56 PM, December 26, 2006, Blogger Eric said...

I wonder why these things are just for Christmas? We oughta have 'em out there year-round. Really. Who needs pink flamingos?

those elves appear to be attempting a car jacking


At 1:33 AM, December 27, 2006, Blogger Rach said...

We don't really have them here. They are only on a small scale (as in stuff you would put under a tree, although we wouldn't because one of the animals would surely deflate that idea - bad pun intentional heh).

At 10:09 AM, December 27, 2006, Blogger mis_nomer said...

"...those elves appear to be attempting a car jacking"

haha! spot on!

At 10:39 AM, December 27, 2006, Blogger beth said...

Well, at least my house is off the hook this year! Though honestly? I think I like the car slightly better than the snow globe ones that actually have fake snow blowing around in them...

At 12:22 PM, December 27, 2006, Blogger Gwynne said...

I haven't seen the Grinch yet. Cute.

Eric, I need pink flamingos. I really do. My husband ran over my old ones with the riding mower (killed the mower too...those steel shank legs are hard on mower blades...hee hee). But I might be happy with blow-up flamingos, now that you mention it. ;-)

Rach, be on the lookout next Christmas. I imagine it will take them awhile to wash up on the shores of New Zealand. ;-)

MN, elves have always seemed a little mischievious, don't you think?

Beth, well, you still win the prize for best "good" cheese. ;-) I didn't see any snow globes (maybe we could send one of those to Rachel since she got busted for "sneaking" a snow globe on a plane?) ;-)

At 7:31 PM, December 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've been anti lawn blowup ornament for quite some time. i like to stab them with a knife. is there a limit on those?

At 5:59 PM, December 29, 2006, Blogger Gwynne said...

Susie, can you account for your where abouts last week? ;-)


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