Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fridge Update

So, after the reboot, the jet engine noise has not returned, but the refrigerator has continued to struggle with maintaining a proper temperature, cycling between normal and 60 degrees (not normal), resulting in much curdled milk in our refrigerator. So I finally called back to the technician. This took some doing. First, the technician that Samsung referred me to could not come out until Friday, the 13th, and could not even schedule that until I could provide the serial # and exact date of purchase (I was calling from my office and even a phone call back to Samsung to obtain this information resulted in less than perfect results, hence the inability to schedule a service, they require precision to set up an appointment to service an imperfect NEW refrigerator...and even then, they would not be able to do so for a week and a half). Finally, I succeeded in having Samsung reps call the technician directly and talking them into coming out on Friday, the 6th, yesterday.

So, like my fellow blogger, I spent much of Friday waiting for a repairman to show up. I couldn't wait at home, but waited at the office for the pre-emptive phone call. Finally, at about 3:00, after staying close to my corded phone all day and rescheduling a lunch appointment so I could do so, I received that call. I was in the middle of a "very important" tax related task (matters of import are very relative, I realize...refrigeration, being the great modern invention that it is, also falls into the "very important" category when we find ourselves without it) and irritated at having to drop everything to leave at that very moment, but I did. I loaded up a box full of work to do over the weekend and headed out for the normally 35 minute drive home. An hour later, thanks to Friday afternoon traffic, I arrived home. Fortunately, our daughter was able to get home before the repairman gave up his wait. He was gone by the time I arrived. Still no refrigeration.

It seems our NEW refrigerator is in need of a new "main board" and "sensory unit." I think this is the equivalent of a new "mother board" on a computer. Parts have been ordered and the technician will return on October 20th to install them. The 20th! That's two more weeks away. So two weeks without refrigeration. Oy! The freezer compartment is okay, so we still have the frozen lamb and the ability to live on frozen dinners for a couple weeks, but no milk.

Does anyone else feel like we have become victims of our own technology? I'm not ready to give up the creature comforts of things like refrigeration, but really, do we have to complicate is so? Remember when the refrigeration was supplied by a block of ice? That's essentially what we are reduced to now, only it's a Coleman cooler on the floor by the fledgling high-tech refrigerator. Hrmph.


At 2:26 PM, October 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree we have it way to easy...but i still can't believe they put you off that long. they should give you a loaner or something. that would really "frost" me

At 6:58 PM, October 07, 2006, Anonymous said...

That is a bummer.

You could be so lucky, however, as to have ordered a whole new kitchen in February from the illustrious "You can do it - we can help you!" Home Depot; have your kitchen ripped totally to the bare walls - only to have HD totally screw up your cabinets 3 times (they never got it right), cut your granite countertops short, put in the wrong faucets, etc., and finally mess the customer around until he finally called "calf-rope" and went through all sorts of management levels (even to the VP!) to try and get the problem remedied. Just last week (October 1) HD came and removed everything - cabinets, sinks, faucets, appliances, granite countertops. So my customer will be starting from scratch, again, but I promise you, not at Home Depot! Meanwhile, no kitchen or appliances for 8-9 months...

Everytime I "spy" my still unfinished kitchen, I think of my customer, and I know it could be worse!

At 8:13 PM, October 07, 2006, Blogger Gwynne said...

Susie, all I can really say is, I had it coming when I bought the Samsung instead of the Whirlpool that our last repairman told us to buy.

Janie, well alrighty then. I feel a whole lot better now! That's hard to imagine really. Another reason not to support Home Depot. Since becoming a Redneck and supporting Jimmie Johnson, I am now a devoted Lowe's customer. ;-)


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