Sunday, September 24, 2006

10 Things My Parents Taught Me

I've been tagged, by Denise, of Blue Sky in Texas! I think this one deserves some thought. So, without further ado,

10 Things My Parents Taught Me:

1 - Both of my parents taught me that whether I passed or failed, what mattered most was that I did my best (when I asked them what would happen if I failed 2nd grade, they said they would still love me and all they expected of me was my best effort...then they said they knew I would not fail, so I guess you could also say that they gave me confidence...I don't remember why I was so worried about flunking 2nd grade).

2 - My mom taught me how to sew and more importantly, how to make things with my own hands (she still has the first dress I made, at the age of 5, and I actually wore it to school)

3 - My dad taught me to go above and beyond expectations and do things right (I remember writing a children's book in 7th grade and he had a binding machine at his office, so he bound my book for teacher was impressed and sent the book off to a publisher...I never saw the book again).

4 - My mom taught me to treat everyone as an equal, with respect and kindness; she is always kind and always pleasant to everyone around her. She is blind to symbols of status and power, or lack thereof.

5 - My dad taught me to do things with passion and gave me a passion for books and travel.

6 - Both of my parents taught me to appreciate the value of art in all dad is an architect and my mom is a painter...both are very talented and inspiring to me.

7 - My dad taught me a love of the outdoors...camping, hiking, fly-fishing, canoeing, sailing (heh), bicycling, etc.

8 - My mom taught me to appreciate the beauty and perfection of nature, of animals, of thunderstorms, of waterfalls and birds singing in the morning.

9 - My dad taught me that it is important to be balanced and well-rounded, to study the humanities as well technical and professional skills.

10 - My mom taught me the value of working hard and never taking my job for granted.

These are the things they taught me. I don't always execute what I have been taught, but I do think about these things a lot and try to incorporate them in my daily life. I owe my parents a lot, for the valuable lessons they have given (and are still giving) me. I only pray that I am able to pass along half of these lessons to my step-daughters.

Thanks, Denise, that was a fun meme for a Sunday afternoon. :-)

I now tag Beth, Rachel, and Brian.


At 10:24 PM, September 24, 2006, Blogger denise said...

I confess I haven't lived up to everything my parents taught me either.

I don't have any of the things I made when I first learned to sew. I think they all made the Goodwill box. :)

At 2:52 AM, September 25, 2006, Blogger Rach said...

I will do this, I did see it yesterday - I'll just do my wrap up post first if that's okay :).

At 7:36 AM, September 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, this sounds good. your parents sound good. if i wrote one of these, the word "taught" would be used loosely. i'm thinking about that right now, and i'm not sure what to say

At 9:34 AM, September 25, 2006, Blogger Gwynne said...

Denise, 100% of everything else I made is also now at the Goodwill, but I still have my sewing machine. ;-)

Rach, oh, all right. If we must wait, I suppose we can. ;-)

Susie, I was blessed with very good parents...for that, I am thankful! Sadly, I realize not everyone has had the same experience and yet, it amazes me how people still manage to rise above that and live better lives in spite of their parents.


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