Friday, September 29, 2006

Blogroll Additions

I finally got around to making some blogroll additions that I've been meaning to add. They are all listed at the top of The Deep End for now, so they're easy to spot. They're in no particular order right now but soon will be alphabetized into the mix (when I get a round tuit). Most of these people don't even know I exist but I've blurked around on their blogs long enough to trust them to be mostly polite, mostly friendly, fun blogs. I found them via your all's blog rolls so most should be familiar already, but just in case...try 'em on for size. :-)


At 10:31 PM, September 29, 2006, Blogger Bret said...

Hey, thanks for adding me to the deep end!

Uh, there are no old guys wearing Speedos around here, are there? You can never be too careful.

At 12:40 AM, September 30, 2006, Blogger Gwynne said...

Just Eric.

Oh wait, did I just say that? ;-)

Well, Eric's the only one who will admit it anyway. To wearing a Speedo, that is. He won't admit to being old. ;-)

At 7:52 AM, September 30, 2006, Blogger beth said...

That dude at Bloggin Outloud has been known to favor a speedo - he says something about having been a competition swimmer, but I think it's just because he has odd genes. (I can say that, he's my uncle.)

Fortunately for you, unfortunately for the rest of us, he's closed down his shop.

And also fortunately for me, I am not longer a small child who is easily lured by the idea of sharks and minnows in the grandparent's pool.

At 8:58 AM, September 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so, am i polite and friendly? polite maybe????

At 2:31 AM, October 01, 2006, Blogger Gwynne said...

Beth, I thought about Lyn(don) being a Speedo wearer, but since he doesn't blog much anymore, I figured it was safe to count him out. I wonder what it will take to lure him out of retirement again. He's such a minute he's blogging, the next he's not. Hrmph.

But Bret, do beware there are a few "old" guys who wear lycra spandex bike shorts around here. You're not one of those, are you? ;-)

Susie, you are anything but polite, but I like you anyway. ;-)

At 5:03 PM, October 03, 2006, Blogger Bret said...

I'm reminded of David Niven's comment after a streaker made an appearance at the Oscars.

So no, I wear mountain biking shorts which works out better for all concerned.


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