Sunday, February 24, 2008

I've Slit My Wrists

Although the gesture was mostly symbolic. I slit them (yes, both) crosswise on a file folder as I lifted up a stack of files to put in a box to carry home with me. I didn't draw much blood, but enough to warrant a little antibiotic ointment and a couple Spongebob bandages. Do you remember the story of the attorney who died from a paper cut? Yeah, well, that could be me. What a way to go. I told you this accounting stuff is dangerous.



At 10:50 PM, February 24, 2008, Blogger Janie said...

Paper cuts are painful! Glad you didn't die!

At 6:01 AM, February 25, 2008, OpenID jvjannotti said...

Paper cuts are the bane of my existence. We hates them.

At 6:34 AM, February 25, 2008, Blogger Sisiggy said...

I understand many accountants are contemplating similar "paper cuts" this time of year...

At 8:32 AM, February 25, 2008, Blogger Jen said...

janie, she still could die from infection. Not that we want this, of course.

Cuts from files are way worse than mere paper cuts. Nasty things. Keep the anti-bacterial ointment on them, please!

And be careful out there. Filing is dangerous work.

At 10:39 AM, February 25, 2008, Blogger DarkoV said...

What the hecK!!?? I thought you would have know by now that the best (and least dangerous) filing system is HOFFS?

And next best, you inquire? Why File 13, of course.

If you need for me to conduct a workshop, I'll certainly fly out there as long as there's a promise of some KC barbecue contingent with it.

At 8:33 AM, February 26, 2008, Blogger Gwynne said...

Well, I'm still not dead. The wounds are healing nicely. Thanks for your empathy.

Jim, I don't know how you live with this on a daily basis. Could you all wear latex gloves to sort the mail? Or would that just border on creepy?

Mmm, BBQ. Darko, you're always welcome to stop in for BBQ. And if these were not client tax return files I was moving about, File 13 might have been the appropriate place for them. Still though, I could probably use a lesson or two in "file maintenance."

At 5:53 AM, February 28, 2008, Blogger Rach said...

Yukky paper cuts! My boss got one today! I suggested the free sample of tatoo band aids but she went for the boring plain ones. I'm almost tempted to get a cut to use one hehe.


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