Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Without Doubt There is No Faith

Julie has written a wonderful post (I know this surprises everyone who reads her blog) and the post title is a direct quote from it...profound as always. I struggled for many years with trying to reason my way to believing in God, to rationalize the existence of something I could not see. I needed proof. I needed a logical explanation, even if it was complicated. I finally realized that all the research in the world would not reveal anything that was not, as Julie said, "merely human proof." In the end, believing is a choice, a leap of faith. There will always be doubt. It is necessary. It's the reason we call it Faith.



At 1:22 AM, January 03, 2007, Blogger Rach said...

I'm surfing over there but before I depart - Have an awesome new year!

At 6:48 AM, January 03, 2007, Blogger beth said...

We went round and round on this in my Sunday school class and I tried to make this exact statement only to be shouted down. I'm glad that some people get it - because if we can "logically" and "rationally" explain everything about God, why do we need Him?

At 11:15 AM, January 03, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

faith is not something we should take for granted


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