Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Celebrating 16 Years

October 31st is the day when my husband and I met. When the girls were little, we used to celebrate the day by trekking them around the neighborhood, begging for candy. Those days are now behind us. Now, they abandon us in search of more exciting alternatives like costume parties with their friends and leave us to find our own form of humble entertainment. Foraging for free candy, while this sounds almost too good to be true...I love the old Seinfeld clip on not it.

So, in our quest for fun and excitement, we went out for dinner last night (Wendy's, if you must know) and a concert (at the Knuckleheads Saloon). The dinner part kind of fizzled out on us. We got off work too late to fit dinner in before the concert, but we thought we'd make do on bar food at the Saloon. When we arrived, they said the kitchen was closed but we could help ourselves to hot dogs in the back. We ordered a hot dog and promptly spit it out. I have never not finished a hot dog before, but this one was awful! Possibly composed, not of the usual pig, cow, or turkey parts, but of digested wood pulp. It was mealy and chewy but with a certain squish that I've never experienced in all my years of hot dog consumption. So we left the building and drove down the tracks to the nearest fast food establishment, and enjoyed at least consistently so-so food, a chicken BLT salad for me and a spicy chicken sandwich for MBH.

With copius quantities of food in our bellies, we were prepared to enjoy an evening with Coco Montoya, blues guitarist, formerly with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers. And while this left-handed guitarist is not bad to listen to, the last concert we went to at Knuckleheads was much better. I even closed my eyes and did that head jerk thing we do just before falling asleep, which is something I've never done at a concert before, not even at the symphony. Not that it was a bad concert, it just wasn't the rousing kind of concert I was needing to stay awake, apparently. But then came the rousing drum solo, that went on longer than medically necessary, and I was wide awake after that. We're looking forward to seeing Marcia Ball, blues pianist at the same joint this weekend...we may just become regulars (and if we do, we will insist that they get rid of those awful hot dogs). We saw Marcia perform at the New Orleans Jazz festival a couple years ago and she's a favorite. So the best is yet to come, as they say.


At 10:19 AM, November 01, 2006, Blogger beth said...

I think it's sweet that you celebrate the day you met. :) Very cool - even if the food and music left a little to be desired. (Perhaps the dogs were soy? That's the worst hot dog I've ever had.) :p

At 3:03 PM, November 01, 2006, Blogger DarkoV said...

Coco Montoya. Saw him a few years ago at one of those outdoor summer blues festivals one has high hopes for only to end up mud-encrusted, beer doused, and an owner of a much-dinged automobile. How was he? I'll ask this of you, "How can someone be so fleet of fingers and totally devoid of dat bluez thang? He sold his soul for speed and those fast notes carry no....soul.

Congrats on the 16th. One more and you'll be celebrating the Cicada Anniversary. Bet you'll be all abuzz about that (ouch!>!?!?).

At 4:29 PM, November 01, 2006, Blogger Eric said...

OK, truthfully...which one of you actually first remembered the day you met?

No, that's a rhetorical question. Plus, since it was on Halloween, even a guy can remember something like that.

By the way, I thought about your husband today. I bought a new was made in Croatia. Cool, huh?

Oh, and congratulations! Your last sentence really says it all, at many levels. ;-)

At 9:49 PM, November 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so, are there medical reasons for drum solo's LOL

At 10:19 PM, November 01, 2006, Blogger Rach said...

Happy anniversary - pity about those hot dogs though!

At 12:06 AM, November 02, 2006, Blogger Gwynne said...

Beth, given the looks of this place, I think we can be sure that it was not soy, but that is an otherwise plausible explanation for such a lousy hot dog.

Darko, I'll grant you there were a few exciting moments when he cut loose with the swift fingers, but you're absolutely right about the lack of soul. We didn't stay til the end, if that tells you anything.

Eric, yes, it's a very memorable date. Otherwise, I'm sure neither of us would remember it.

Susie, in this case, there was. It was either that or a strong dose of caffeine. ;-)

Thanks, Rach. :-)

At 5:41 PM, November 03, 2006, Blogger Lae said...

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At 4:23 PM, November 04, 2006, Blogger Gwynne said...

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