Thursday, May 24, 2007

The New Improved Blogger

Bret did a nice job of addressing the latest round of complaints that many of us share about Blogger, but given that the service is FREE, and therefore we have no leverage to change it, I have taken the bold and courageous leap off of the Empire State Building into the abyss and pulled the plug on word verification. You may now leave all kinds of spam comments without having to repeat yourselves for the hard-of-hearing WV Queen (and let's face it, her handwriting was sometimes atrocious). So...let the spamming begin!

Update 1: You might also notice that the "Powered by Blogger" button over in the sidebar no longer functions. This is just further evidence corroborating Bret's claims. The word "powered" clearly does not mean what you think it means when used in the context of "Blogger."

Update 2: Update 1 isn't quite true...the button does function, but the image does not. So, while I was over there poking around (wherever that button took me), I took advantage of the opportunity to change the language on my blog. From now on, we will be speaking "English (UK)" instead of ordinary "English." We'll see how that goes for awhile before jumping straight into Swahili or Hindi. In fact, I wonder, if you change the language often and eventually switch back to English, is the resultant blog going to read something like the results of that gossip game where the message goes around the circle and you compare the beginning and ending version of the story and laugh out loud at the results? We'll soon see, won't we?



At 8:15 PM, May 24, 2007, Blogger Gwynne said...

Testing. Testing. Is she gone yet?

At 9:24 PM, May 24, 2007, Anonymous Will said...


There is always It's free too

At 9:28 PM, May 24, 2007, Blogger Gwynne said...

See there? It's always the minister who wants to squelch the whine fest. ;-) No, you're absolutely right. I think that day is coming, but truthfully, the pain will have to get much worse first. Baby steps.

Thanks for stopping by, Will.

At 6:41 AM, May 25, 2007, Blogger beth said...

Hmmm..I haven't been having any trouble with Blogger lately. Quick..knock on something!

I've thought of switching so many times, but I don't want to lose my teeny readership...nor do I want to hassle through trying to uproot all my posts and so on and so forth. Way too much work. :)

At 5:40 AM, May 28, 2007, Blogger Rach said...

I'm glad I'm away from blogger! :P


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