Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"My Ocean"

Just in case I haven't fully lived up to this blog's namesake lately, today we have Show and Tell. This here is what I'm calling "My Ocean." I spent my lunch break today making this. It's not done yet, but it's wearable. It's a charm bracelet made of "Troll beads." I love beads and these are very nice ones...the silver beads are solid silver, so the overall effect is heavier than most bead bracelets. This was therapy for me. It symbolizes the ocean which I miss dearly now that I am land locked here in the Midwest. It was an hour well spent:

Here it is on the live model (ever tried taking a photo of your right hand?)

And here we have the display model

From Left to Right (Bead Descriptions):
Plumeria clasp, the flower of Hawaii (I don't think this is really a plumeria because it only has 4 petals while plumerias have five, but just humor me :)
Faith, Hope & Charity, a cross, an anchor and a heart (one day, I'd like to get this charm in birthday is coming!)
Pretty Murano Glass bead, the color of sand
Crab, a symbol of beach life and my zodiac sign, for what that's worth
Pearl, straight from the oyster's mouth
Happy Fish (can fish really be happy?)
Turquoise Dots, the colors of sand and sea

Moonstone Flowers (I lived near Moonstone Beach for a few years, and my mom still lives there...I have many moonstones to show for my many hours of beachcombing...good times :)
Turquoise Bubbles, the color of the ocean
Dichroic Ice, the color of sea foam
Neither Fish Nor Bird
Brown Dots, the color of some strange sea creature
Treasures, a ball of coral, seashells, and starfish

There is still room for 5 or 6 more charms. I didn't want to blow all my birthday money at once, you know. I still need a mermaid (the one they have looks like a monkey and scares me a little), a sailboat, and a very large whale, or a flounder. A flounder? Who puts flounders on their bracelet? Wait. Don't answer that! And please tell me, who on earth would choose this?!

Next up...Gwynne brings in her pet Sea Monkeys to share with the class.



At 3:59 AM, May 24, 2007, Blogger Emma Sometimes said...

Those are SOOO pretty.

Maybe if you were a snail in love..and needed a, yeah.

At 3:59 AM, May 24, 2007, Blogger Emma Sometimes said...

PS. and the earrings are GORGEOUS!!

At 7:25 AM, May 24, 2007, Blogger beth said...

Ok, I want to see this...but my dumb office blocks images, so...I'll come back again to ooh and ahh when I get home.

At 11:00 AM, May 24, 2007, Blogger John B. said...

Bracelets--yukky girl stuff.

But sea-monkeys . . . now THAT'S something this boy would go to school to see!

At 3:16 PM, May 24, 2007, Blogger Gwynne said...

Emma, thanks! Um, earrings? I haven't seen earrings yet. Uh-oh. I may be in trouble now. I probably need a necklace too. ;-)

And even if I were a snail in love, where would I wear the bracelet? ;-)

Beth, no images? I understand no videos, but no images is harsh!

John, I'll see what I can do. ;-)

At 4:08 PM, May 24, 2007, Blogger beth said...

Yeah, it's pretty harsh. They also block the traffic cameras. Why? Maybe they don't want you going home - I have no idea. It's rather silly.

That said....OOOOOH pretty. Very very pretty.

At 5:44 AM, May 28, 2007, Blogger Rach said...

Nice bracelet! Earring would be perfect... The necklace would just finish it off - not to encourage you or anything hehe.


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