Friday, April 28, 2006

BMW's at the Mall?

Need yet another way to max out your credit cards? Take a stroll through the Oak Park Shopping Mall where BMW just opened up the country's first BMW retail store in a shopping mall. I've seen store front outlets in cities before, like the Bentley store in Chicago last weekend, but I've never seen a car dealership in a suburban shopping mall. After running into Casual Corner for a sweater, or Bath & Body Works for some bubble bath, stroll on into the BMW store. You can pick out all the features you want online and order that special car right there, or, if they have what you want in stock, I suppose you can drive it out the door, past the mall kiosks and carousels.

Actually, last I was at the mall, which I avoid like the plague, there were a bunch of teenagers just "hanging out." I'm not sure how much shopping really goes on at the mall, but parents, do not let your teenagers out of the house with your credit cards (as if that even needs to be said)!


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